The Economic Development Foundation (IKV) was established on the initiative of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 1965, in order to inform the Turkish business world and the public about developments in the European Union and Turkey-EU relations. Since its establishment, IKV has become a respectable and effective specialized organization on EU and Turkey-EU relations both in Turkey and in the EU, through its seminars, researches, publications, lobbying activities and the close cooperation it has conducted with foreign and domestic institutions. The “IKV Library” was established in 1965 at the same time as the Foundation itself. IKV Library is the oldest and the richest depository library of the EU Affairs and Turkey-EU Relations in Turkey.  

The IKV Library aims to better inform representatives of the business work, civil servants, academicians, students and the public in general though its rich archive. The İKV Library has a collection of 20000 registered books and receives regularly 220 Turkish Periodicals and 120 Foreign Periodicals including “Agence Europe”, “Journal of Common Market Studies” and “Common Market Law Review”.

IKV Library is the depository library of the EU in Turkey. Therefore a copy of all the documents published by the “Publication Office of the European Union” can be found at the IKV Library. The documents sent regularly by the “Publication Office of the European Union” are as follow:

• EU Official Journals,
• EU Treaties,
• Decisions of the European Court of Justice,
• EU monthly and annual reports,
• Reports of the European Commission,
• Minutes of Parliamentary Sessions,
• Reports published by the General Directorates of the European Commission and by the EU Agencies,
• Books, brochures and periodicals published by the European Union,
• Statistics published by the Eurostat.

In addition to the EU official publications, IKV Library has also a large and growing collection of EU Affairs and Turkey-EU related books and articles. It includes all the research and studies published by IKV as well as  the studies together with statistical and periodical on the EU Affairs and Turkey-EU relations published by various national (TOBB, TİM, DPT, DİE, DTM, İMKB, TİSK, TÜSİAD, etc.) and international (EU, OECD, UN, WTO, UNIDO, IMF, EFTA, etc.) organizations. Moreover, academic studies conducted by universities on the economic, political and social aspects of EU Affairs and Turkey-EU relations can also be found at the IKV library.

Researchers can acquire at the library a list of sources related to their field of interest. They can also borrow for the day the publication to make a copy.


Responsible person for  IKV Library: Derya Kap

Tel: 0212-2709300 – extension line:1
Fax: 0212-270 30 22
Address:  Talat Paşa Cad. TOBB Plaza No: 3 K: 1 Gültepe/Levent – İSTANBUL

IKV Library is open from Monday to Friday between 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-18:00.




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