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The EU acquis had a total of 31 chapters in the fifth wave of enlargement. For Turkey and Croatia, the number of chapters for accession negotiations has been set at 35. The comparative table below displays the 31 chapters in the fifth enlargement process and the 35 chapters for Turkey and Croatia.

In the Negotiating Framework for Croatia and Turkey, which was published in 29 June 2005, it was announced that the negotiations would be conducted in 35 chapters. This change is not due to an increase in the number of negotiating chapters, but rather due to the fact the Union guided by the experiences gained in the fifth wave of enlargement has created new chapters by splitting some of the old ones and merging some others. For instance, Trans-European Networks which was under the Energy chapter was made into a separate chapter. On the contrary, the Industrial Policy and SMEs, which used to be two different chapters, have become a single chapter renamed as Enterprise and Industrial Policy. Also, since Agricultural Policy covers an extensive area and lengthy negotiations, veterinary and phytosanitary policy heading has been removed and combined with Food Safety under the Consumer and Health Protection to have a new chapter, namely Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy. The European Commission aims at facilitating the negotiation process by making such modifications in the chapters

The European Commission's summary as to what each acquis chapter entails can be reached by clicking on the relevant chapter listed in the table.


Fifth wave of Enlargement


1. Free movement of goods

1. Free movement of goods

2. Freedom of movement for workers

2. Freedom of movement for workers

3. Freedom to provide services

3. Right of establishment and freedom to provide services

4. Free movement of capital

4. Free movement of capital

5. Company law

5. Public procurement
6. Competition Policy

6. Company law

7. Agriculture 7. Intellectual property law
8. Fisheries

8. Competition Policy

9. Transport Policy

9. Financial Services
10. Taxation 10. Information society and media
11. Economic and Monetary Union 11. Agriculture and Rural Development
12. Statistics

12. Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy

13. Social Policy and Employment 13. Fisheries
14. Energy

14. Transport Policy

15. Industrial Policy 15. Energy
16. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 16. Taxation
17. Science & Research 17. Economic and Monetary Union
18. Education & Culture 18. Statistics

19. Telecommunications and Information Technologies

19. Social Policy and Employment
20. Culture and Audio-visual policy 20. Enterprise and Industrial Policy
21. Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments 21. Trans-European Networks
22. Environment 22. Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments
23. Consumer and Health Protection 23. Judiciary and Fundamental Rights
24. Cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs 24. Justice, Freedom and Security
25. Customs Union 25. Science & Research
26. External Relations 26. Education & Culture
27. Common Foreign and Security Policy 27. Environment
28. Financial Control 28. Consumer and Health Protection
29. Financial and Budgetary Provisions 29. Customs Union
30. Institutions 30. External Relations
31. Other Issues 31. Common Foreign and Security Policy
  32. Financial Control
  33. Financial and Budgetary Provisions
  34. Institutions
  35. Other Issues


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